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Leaves Falling


Leaves falling can only mean one thing – fall has arrived.  Walking and hearing the crunching, seeing those golden colors and watching the wind send them in a spin is just  amazing.  But the real fun was on the way.  After raking up those  beautiful golden and brown leaves a barn fire was surely to follow.  The smell of the leaves burning, the crisp air and the cup of hot chocolate was confirmation that fall was here once again.




Rainy day and leaves.  Not a good combination.  So as I take each step I am extra careful to dodge the wet leaves. As I slowly decend  back down the driveway I realize that by being careful I did 1…

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By the Window


Today is one of those January days on the farm.  The cows are all huddled together, not making a sound and the only sign of life is the cloud of steam that is coming out of their noses. Sookie and Mookie are hiding under their straw dens and occasionally their pink snouts peek out.  Even Bow legs the rooster is hiding out with the rest of the chickens in the warm chicken coup.  Tussy is not going to give up his spot by the heater.   And I am just sitting by the window wrapped in my blanket watching the snow  cling to the tree barren tree branches holding my hot coco as if it is chocolate gold.

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Beauregard Time

Sweet Potato

At last the time had finally come.  It was Beauregard harvest time.  Since it is a very delicate operation, like a skilled diamond cutter I very carefully dug around the sweet potato hills loosening up the soil.  After the delicate harvesting of our crop we quickly moved on to the next phase.  Our beautiful and abundant crop was now headed to a special place in the barn.  They will be left in boxes to cure to perfection in a dry airy dark place.  When the last box was in place I stepped back in awe. Deep down within I knew that in 10 to 14 days my Mother would be baking the best sweet potato pies in town.



Pic Credit Sustainable Market Farming

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Winter Home


Fall was a very busy time on the farm.  There was always so much going on.  I always enjoyed helping get the hogs ready for the coming winter.   I was so excited to help my Father gather all of the material needed to make the winter hog den.  The den was a place that the hogs could go in to protect themselves from the cold and the snow.  Once the den had been built we put down burlap and then covered it with straw.   After making sure the tin was stationary and covered the den properly my Father and I let Sookie and Mookie test out the den.   They looked content so our work was done.

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Fall Is Indeed Here


I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree…

There were a lot of beautiful trees in our yard, an acorn tree, a walnut tree and four very tall large oak trees.  They provided the best shade in town during the summer.  In the fall the bright red, golden yellow and rich brown of the leaves made our house the perfect setting for a Hollywood movie.

Before long those beautiful leaves would fall onto our yard and Tussy would have so much funny running through them and tossing them with his nose.  It was quite a chore to rake them up into huge piles around the yard.  But the best was yet to come.  On a cool crisp evening, when the stars would come out and the larger than life moon would appear my Father would start one of the biggest leave burning fires around.   The crackling sound and aromatic smell of leaves burning would signal that Fall was indeed here.